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また作編曲家・プロデューサーとしての活動は日本国内に留まらず「GRAN-TURISMO 6」などのゲーム・映画などの劇伴・BGMの分野でも世界的に高い評価を得ている。2015年には、ハリウッドインディー映画『Life in Color』のサウンドトラック制作にも携わっている。

Tom-H@ck Profile

With his talent featured again and again in a number of famous music works and videos, Tom-H@ck is a renowned up-and-coming producer. With a strikingly unique sound that is all his own, his style crosses and exceeds all conventional genre borders. Until now, Tom-H@ck has not only received high praise for his work on the TV anime KEION!, he has produced a number of songs of artists including T.M.Revolution and SuG. Furthermore, his accomplishments as a producer and composer are not limited to his domestic works in the game GRAN-TURISMO 6, but have also been used for on-screen accompaniment in movies, and have crossed-over into the BGM sphere, making him an international artist with value to be reckoned with. In 2015, he accomplished one of his greatest international successes with his involvement in the Hollywood film "Life in Color."

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